The Levante Parliament - Design Hotel, Vienna

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The new Design Hotel Parliament (opening april 2006) is the ideal place for every stay in Vienna. The building, dated from 1991, is centrally located close to the Parliament and the Viennese City Hall.

The ambient is very "easy": no ornament but only materials that allow flexibility of design respect the original lineal and modern architectural elements. The Parliament is also a real Gallery which offers magnificent works of Glass designed by the well-known artist Ioan Nemtoi.

The hotel presents everywhere the 4 elements of life: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Fire means light and Transparency. Thanks to a garden of 400 m²located in the inner court all the rooms enjoy a marvellous light. The discrete illumination all over the hotel, then, creates a particular atmosphere. All the rooms, finally, have elements made of glass to divide bathroom from living room and sliding doors too.

Earth means the material used: Natural stone, wood, chrome, glass.

Air means the big extension of the rooms (3,30 meters).

Water means Lineal forms & Flexibility. A spectacular architecture dated back to the 1911 which exists still today even if enriched by modern designs and innovations.


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